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KidNonFic is a semi-monthly newsletter recommending small collections of children’s nonfiction publications, usually books. Each issue focuses on a particular topic or perspective. I take a generous curatorial approach, including books that accurately describe real life situations with fictive narrative supports. The recommendations are informed by what I’m reading with my own kids, who are currently 6yo and 9yo, although I may occasionally include books geared for much younger or older kids. You can also follow along on Instagram.

I will always include links to WorldCat, which is a super rad library catalog aggregating service. If you enter your zip code on the WorldCat page, they’ll tell you which libraries in your area have the book. I will also usually include links to IndieBound, which does the same for independent book stores. Occasionally I may recommend books that are out of print — in that case I may give a link, or it might be your adventure to pursue.

This is a free newsletter, and there are no affiliate links. I’m writing this newsletter as a public service and labor of love. If you enjoy it, please feel free to share it.

I’m Camille Hartsell

Hi, I’m Camille Hartsell: person, parent, partner, partial to print. I have a Masters in Library & Information Science, but I am NOT a children’s librarian. Maybe someday, though - that job sounds awesome! In a past life I processed archives at an art museum and for a long time I have been a research librarian to a tech+culture futurist.

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Factuals for kids. Biased toward the tiny-to-tween set. Mostly books.


Person, parent, partner, partial to print